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Actor Workbook
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A complete resource for actors who want to learn (or relearn) the acting craft, with specific focus on the classroom setting, and designed to Honor the Student Actor, Honor the Educator, and Honor the Craft.  The Monologue Method trusts the brilliance and boldness of young actors, while meeting their needs for engaging content that allows them to confidently explore the acting craft.  The Monologue Method Actor Workbook includes  "The Collection" of fifty new monologues, that encourage creative thinking and actor choice-making, with a broad range of characters and situations that push the actor to work beyond stereotypes. The monologues are perfect for classwork and auditions.  Each monologue includes prompts to help the actor explore the possibilities for the text. To help make feedback in group sessions valuable, author Carolyn German also provides step-by-step instructions for using her Reflective Process for Actor Response, which the acting student can use in all acting class settings.  


The Teacher Edition includes all of the materials and content (The Acting Craft, Bridges, The Collection, Guideposts, Reflective Process for Actor Response).  It also incorporates the full text of the Actor Edition, so that you can see the same content your students see. 

The Actor Edition is designed for the actor to write in, so that they can build their choice-making skills, and you have a way to assess their progress as they create nuanced characters.  Simple worksheets for each monologue offer a space for writing down the basics (objective, conflict, circumstance, etc),  and each of the monologues are layed-out with space for actor/character notes. 

EACH student must have their own Actor Edition.  

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Teaching Artists

Certified Monologue Method Teaching Artists can engage your students (virtually or in-person) with any of the Bridges in the text, but also via the TA's unique content, crafted to specifically meet your needs. 

Phone or email us to begin, so that we can create a session that matches your class's time demands, preferred focus, and skill/preparedness level.

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